The Healing Podcast for Codependents

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Where Female codependents listen for healing.


  The “Heal Her Show” is a rare bread of PODCAST that empowers women that suffer from  narcissistic abuse, ranking in the upper echelon of podcast bringing awareness to narcissistic abuse. This podcast takes a holistic approach to teaching women to commandeer their true devine power and reparent their Inner child.

Launched recently in 2018 the podcast is ascending in downloads and supprters greatly.

I, Sherica Murriel, am the founder of The Heal Her SHOW, LLC, a podcasting and coaching agency that shines a light on untold narratives of women that have not only suffered from emotional abuse but have come out on the other side and gotten help. These women are thriving in their new lives. I am working intensely with emerging survivors to propel them forward with Healing, Vision and Courage.


I, too have been a victim of narcissistic abuse all of her life from a parent and also most of her adult life from spouses. I understands the devastation and grief that comes with this kind of experience. I also know about the time it takes to heal the brokeness. Ive gotten help and I want to avail other women of which I call my “sisters in healing”

      Little about me personally

I was born in Los Angeles California.  Ive Spoken on womens empowerment pannels, Hosted radio shows, advocating for mothers of young children. Won a womens empowerment spoken word slam, and publishing a book of poems expressing my trials and triumphs. My experience spans womens advocacy and guidance greatly.

Connect with me at healher1b1 on all social medias.

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, EPS.32 NO CONTACT RULE

Aware of the Narcissist! Fight for yourself by staying In the know.



I always say that my healing started when I became aware of what I was dealing with.

“You can not protect yourself from an invisible fist“.

So I wanted to firstly talk about what is a narcissistic and how to know if you have been close to one.
NPD ( Narcissistic Personality Disorder) occurs when a man or woman suffers from deviant or abnormal personality behaviors that are so bad they create a trail of destruction or carnage upon those closest to them.

If you have been following me, you know that I was raised by a narcissistic and mostly dated them. The agony of the mind games and simulated love or betrayal by them is beyond painful and devastating. Once I became aware, I was disgusted by what I learned. I cut everyone I felt had traits or full blown NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) off. I became angry, devastated, depressed, paranoid and I saw them as loud blazing red sirens. I then became obsessed with learning how this disorder affected me.
Victims of Narcissism may display a cluster of symptoms such as:
Avoidance of Personal Interaction
Sleeping or Eating Difficulties
Memory Loss or Impairment
Constant Fatigue
Lost Sense of Self
Self Harming
Loss of Interest/Detachment

I must stress that if you think you are experiencing any of these symptoms get away from these people and get help.

Narcissist are individuals with an exaggerated sense of self having a grandiose ego of superiority over others , and requiring constant need of attention, affection, admiration, and praise. They seek out to find and target those who are most empathetic, nurturing, and sympathetic to their portrayal of having a troubled past, riddled with bad decisions, and bad luck. However, as victims later learn this is all too far from the truth as the narcissist have hidden lifestyles, secretive behaviors, mental disorders, that wreck havoc upon their primary sources of supply in which a trail of destruction is left behind.
Victims are left to pick up the broken pieces of their shattered lives, lives that were turned upside down without warning, simply because they believed in someone who was incapable of providing love, affection, reciprocation, understanding, and commitment to an adult relationship.
Unfortunately, victims are unaware of the dangers that exist in becoming involved with a narcissist until it’s too late and often after years of being subjected to trauma, assault, and depression which may result in PTSD( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) CD (Cognitive Dissonance) &, Stockholm Syndrome (Much like prisoners of war victims are left feeling they have to defend their abuser , love their abuser, despite years of captivity, isolation, deprivation, and abuse).
Narcissist are not easily detected and often appear shy, coy, very polite, professional and courteous. They gain the victims trust by mirroring and projecting the traits of those they wish to emulate.

8 years, I was in a relationship with a Sociopathic Narcissist. I did not even realized until long after he discarded me. Even after our break up and while in relationships with other men, I still wondered why wasnt I good enough for him? Its taking me years to get passed what he did. Part of me he chewed up and spit out so easily were important to who I was and what makes me so special. I am now on the raod to recovery and helping other women fight back and begin their real lives.

Heal Her introduction

This blog is meant to speak for the women still in the fog and do not realize they are living an emotionally and mentally dangerous lie. I spent too many years asking myself why wasn’t I good enough and how could I be good enough for my ex. I did not trust myself. I did not need to trust myself because the narc/my ex was, God in human form to me. he was always right and I was terrified of his disappointment. Cursing myself for being confused and depressed beyond motion. I know what its like to mistake a red flag for a red rose. I know what its like to shut down when in the presence of a man that was once my prince charming. I know what its like to be praised and destroyed all in the same sentence. I know what its like to be starved of hugs and kisses that I was sure would never stop. I know what its like to be mislead and lied to and apologies for upsetting the liar. I know what its like to not feel valuable and validated unless I was his servant. I also know what its like to read and wake up. I know what its like to be completely financially dependent on a person that I absolutely had to get away from. I know what its like to be clear and crazy at the same time relieved but grieving. I know what its like to realize I have the power and i’m not crazy. I know what its like to be so clear about the bliss that would spill over me if I walked away and never turned back. I know what its like to stand in a new mirror and see a champion and master of my mind and emotions. This blog is for those of us searching for community, answers and remedies. I know what its like to need all of those three thing too!

heal her-

Meditate/Pray or Walk away from it?

Can I meditate  and pray too much? Yes, and here is how
When we send messages out into the universe we need to have faith that those messages are heard and are delivered. When we pray on something again and again or meditate over and over again.
That’s like sayin “I don’t believe that your are going to take care of this God,” or “I don’t believe you have my back universe”. 
It is important to remember to decide, ask and walk away into actions towards your prayer and meditation. Don’t just walk away and go watch tv. Go test drive that car you want or go have tea in a cafe down the street from your dream house. Take the tour of your dream house.
Dance to your favorite song with your eyes closed and imagine your purpose mate laughing and dancing and holding onto you staring into your eyes.
Bottom line is if you want to speed up the process just take action towards what you pray and meditate for. Praying 900 times or sitting there in mediation all morning is like giving god your dream and then snatching it back to season your dream with doubt. So stop it!!! already and just trust the process.