Meditate/Pray or Walk away from it?

Can I meditate  and pray too much? Yes, and here is how
When we send messages out into the universe we need to have faith that those messages are heard and are delivered. When we pray on something again and again or meditate over and over again.
That’s like sayin “I don’t believe that your are going to take care of this God,” or “I don’t believe you have my back universe”. 
It is important to remember to decide, ask and walk away into actions towards your prayer and meditation. Don’t just walk away and go watch tv. Go test drive that car you want or go have tea in a cafe down the street from your dream house. Take the tour of your dream house.
Dance to your favorite song with your eyes closed and imagine your purpose mate laughing and dancing and holding onto you staring into your eyes.
Bottom line is if you want to speed up the process just take action towards what you pray and meditate for. Praying 900 times or sitting there in mediation all morning is like giving god your dream and then snatching it back to season your dream with doubt. So stop it!!! already and just trust the process.