Where Female codependents listen for healing.


  The “Heal Her Show” is a rare bread of PODCAST that empowers women that suffer from  narcissistic abuse, ranking in the upper echelon of podcast bringing awareness to narcissistic abuse. This podcast takes a holistic approach to teaching women to commandeer their true devine power and reparent their Inner child.

Launched recently in 2018 the podcast is ascending in downloads and supprters greatly.

I, Sherica Murriel, am the founder of The Heal Her SHOW, LLC, a podcasting and coaching agency that shines a light on untold narratives of women that have not only suffered from emotional abuse but have come out on the other side and gotten help. These women are thriving in their new lives. I am working intensely with emerging survivors to propel them forward with Healing, Vision and Courage.


I, too have been a victim of narcissistic abuse all of her life from a parent and also most of her adult life from spouses. I understands the devastation and grief that comes with this kind of experience. I also know about the time it takes to heal the brokeness. Ive gotten help and I want to avail other women of which I call my “sisters in healing”

      Little about me personally

I was born in Los Angeles California.  Ive Spoken on womens empowerment pannels, Hosted radio shows, advocating for mothers of young children. Won a womens empowerment spoken word slam, and publishing a book of poems expressing my trials and triumphs. My experience spans womens advocacy and guidance greatly.

Connect with me at healher1b1 on all social medias.

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, EPS.32 NO CONTACT RULE https://anchor.fm/thehealhershow/episodes/EPS-32-NO-CONTACT-RULE-e2hopu

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